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History of Success

Commitment to excellence and to creation is the essential trait of human nature. That is why the sphere of construction is so important for us. This area of activity is aimed at bringing more comfort, well-being and safety to our everyday life. Guided by this desire, the Group of Companies DoorHan offers to its Clients the wide range of perspective technological developments that can be applicable in home improvement and in solving of various production goals. For the 17 years of dynamic development and widening of geographic footprint we managed to reach lots of planned targets. Now we are one of the global leaders of manufacturing and construction industry.


Opening the future, we continue to follow the intended course of development and respect the traditions established during many years. But how it all began? How did we manage to reach our goals?

Hereby we would like to present to your attention the key milestones of DoorHan history.
The first home-grown DoorHan doors were installed in 1994 – that was the start of development of transnational multi-industry manufacturing holding.
In 1996 DoorHan was a small manufacture with two installation crews. In a year the amount of produced doors increased up to four items per day, and the assortment was enriched by the first sliding doors DoorHan.


By the end of 1997 the Company was producing three types of items: garage lifting and hinged doors, street sliding and swinging doors. The installation of the doors was accomplished by six installation crews.
In 1998 in the structure of the Company was organized the department of managers who were arriving to the Customer for taking measurements and settling the contracts. In 2000 was created the separate Service Department.


One of the key events in DoorHan history was the accomplishment in 2000 of the first construction stage of the own factory and office building of Managing Company in Odintsovo district of Moscow region.

New millennium was marked by the further widening of DoorHan manufacturing directions. From the construction bureau to the separate structure was formed the Department of Perspective Developments the main function of which was the search of original construction decisions and new items of assortment.   
 In 2001 there was started the manufacture of the first component parts made of zinc-galvanized steel.
 In 2002 was started the work of semi-automatic line imported from Italy which was installed for fabrication of sandwich panels. The galvanic shop floor, the shop floor of powder coating,  stamping shop floor and the first automatic line of press forming  also started to work during this year. Besides, there was started the fabrication of the first items of dock equipment.


 In the period from 2003 to 2004 manufacture of components for door systems was actively developing. There were opened the new shop floors and manufacturing divisions, was built and put into operation the second construction stage of manufacture.



In 2003 the production of component parts for roller systems was started. Production of sectional doors was transgressed to the full internal cycle. This year DoorHan Education and Technical Center was created.

In 2004 there were started two automatic lines for fabrication of sandwich panels. The new item of DoorHan production – doors “Assemble Yourself” – were represented to the market. The first regional representative offices and manufacture and warehouse complexes in the cities of Saint-Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Krasnodar, Kiev, Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg  were opened. 
 2005 was the year of plentiful technological and territorial growth in DoorHan history. There were started the full-cycle fabrication of aluminum, sales of DoorHan automatic systems. Sectional doors DoorHan were certified according to European standards and came into market of Europe.


This year also gave the start to sales of DoorHan production to Chinese market. There were opened the regional representative offices and manufacture and warehouse complexes in Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Tyumen and Ufa. 


Upon reaching serious results in Russian market, the Group of Companies DoorHan successfully integrated to the international level. In 2007 DoorHan bought the plant manufacturing coiled painted steel in Suzhou (China). At the same time the construction of the plant in Europe (Kadan, Czech Republic) was started. In 2008 there were started the sales of aluminum profile systems of in-house production, as well as the sales of door systems. The fabrication of DoorHan hangar doors was started.


This year was also marked by opening of DoorHan-Club – the union that provides to DoorHan Dealers lost of unique opportunities for further successful development of business. Territorial development of the Group of Companies was resulted by the opening of manufacture and warehouse complexes and representative offices in cities of Pyatigorsk, Astana,  Khabarovsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Volgograd, Simferopol, Lviv and in Odessa.  In 2009 there were started the lines of hot and cold rolling for fabrication of aluminum strip; fabrication of module constructions was started.
Industrial folding and sliding doors became the part of DoorHan assortment. Besides, there was started the line of automatic assemblage of leaf for sectional doors in Ekaterinburg; the fabrication of sandwich panels was started in Kiev.

During this period was also started the manufacture of DoorHan fire and folding doors in Russia, component parts and sectional doors in Czech Republic. Manufacture of sectional doors and dock equipment was started on the plant in China.

In 2010 the Group of Companies DoorHan confirmed its leadership in Russian market and successfully asserted itself throughout international market.


In this year the new office of Managing Company was put in commission. DoorHan automatic systems were highly appreciated by foreign experts and were certified according to European standards.  In order to optimize the cooperation with partner organizations, there was formed the DoorHan Association of Manufacturers which allowed to unite enterprises involved in process of fabrication and supply of DoorHan products. The representative offices and manufacture and warehouse complexes in Omsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Minsk, Voronezh, Sochi, Chelyabinsk, Surgut, Alma-Ata, Novokuznetsk and Vladivostok  started their work. 

 The geography of DoorHan foreign economic activity was considerably widened. Active sales were started in countries of Asia-Pacific Region, North, Central and South America, as well as in Middle-Eastern countries.
 DoorHan production was installed in the objects dedicated for carrying out of Olympic Games to be held in Sochi in 2014. The Group of Companies DoorHan became the holder of the Record of Russia in the category “The fastest installation of sectional garage doors”. According to the results of the cooperation with HR-portal Superjob.ru in 2012, the Group of Companies DoorHan got the nomination “Attractive Employer – 2012”.  All that is an evident proof of popularity, deserved success and trust to the brand of DoorHan in Russian market.
 Besides that, the Group of Companies DoorHan continues to open the new horizons of development in international market. DoorHan became the traditional participant of key international exhibitions in sphere of building technologies  - such as BAU (Germany), R+T (Germany, China), Shanghai Expo Build (China), MosBuild (Russia, Moscow), IDAExpo (USA), KOFAS (South Korea), For Arch (Czech Republic), Zak Doors & Windows Expo (India), Windoor (Canada), Equip Baie (France), Big 5 Show (UAE) and others.
 The Group of Companies DoorHan, having its own experience  in projecting and construction of industrial and warehouse objects, actively applies in its activity the international experience, adapting it to Russian conditions. Thanks to successful long-term practice, we are capable to develop and carry out the projects of any complexity.


Ecological safety of manufacture and constant improvement of quality level of the production are the main priorities at which our Group of Companies is oriented particularly. All DoorHan production is made of high quality and ecologically safe materials, adapted for work in various climatic conditions and corresponds to all norms of contemporary building standards. Most of DoorHan technological developments do not have the analogues all over the world that is confirmed by invention certificates. Main developments of the Group of Companies DoorHan are intended on increase of level of energy efficiency of moving enclosing structures, wherefore DoorHan leads active conjoint work with Research Institute of Building Physics of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences – NIISF RAASN. Developed manufacture and warehouse network, properly organized logistics allow to minimize the terms of delivery of DoorHan products to the Customer. 
 For the present moment the Group of Companies DoorHan includes three plants (in Russia, Czech Republic and China), 24 manufacture and warehouse complexes and 5 commercial representative offices. DoorHan production is exported in 67 countries of all over the world.

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