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Automation systems for sectional doors

DoorHan offers chain and shaft operators for automation of sectional doors.

DoorHan offers chain and shaft operators for automation of sectional doors. The operator type selection depends on the planned intensity of doors use and their dimensions.

Garage doors operators are installed for automation of the garage sectional doors of small and medium dimensions with low (front and back drum) and standard lift types in rooms with a lintel up to 600 mm. They are mounted against a guide, along which a carriage moves; this carriage is operatored by a chain, thereby the doors are opened and closed. The chain operators in the closed position provide the reliable fixation of a door leaf, owing to this it is not necessary to install additional locking devices. The operator set includes a releasing system, allowing you to manually open and close the doors in case of power cutoff.

Industrial operator  are used for opening and closing of sectional doors with high operation intensity, and also in rooms with a lintel over 600 mm. The shaft operators can be installed on doors with all lift types. They are mounted on a shaft; its rotation put the doors in motion. The self-locking operator gear provides the mechanical interlock of the door shaft, if the motor does not work; thereby there is no necessity in installing additional locking devices. Using a chain, included into the operator set, the doors can be manually opened and closed in case of power setbacks.

Automation systems for residential sectional doors

Automation systems for industrial sectional doors

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