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DoorHan dock equipment systems serve for optimization of handling procedures and represent a package of technical solutions, permitting to carry out the rapid and safe cargo turnover between transportation vehicles and warehouse facilities.
The dock equipment also makes it possible to use the working space of the warehouse terminals and other premises of the industrial projects, where it is installed to the maximum.
DoorHan dock equipment systems are installed in those places, where it is required to organize turnover posts, to transfer cargoes between levels and storeys of buildings and structures, and also there, where it is required to preserve the microclimate of premises during the transfer operations at:

  • warehouses and big shopping centres;
  • production facilities and exhibition complexes;
  • customs and logistic terminals.

All DoorHan dock equipment system components are made on certified high-tech world-level equipment of ecologically pure materials, harmless to health and environment.

The wide assortment of DооrHan dock equipment makes it possible to provide any industrial facility with everything required, and also to choose the most appropriate variant for the concrete project. Besides, products can be customized taking into account individual requirements.

Conformance to standards
The dock equipment made by DoorHan fully conforms to all specified requirements of international, national and regional standards, and also technical specifications, which are connected with the specific character of its operation.
For full conformance of DoorHan products to all specified requirements, DoorHan is carrying out consistent work on their standardization and certification.

Energy efficiency
The conservation of the required microclimate in the industrial and warehouse premises, particularly in places for performing transfer operations, and also the energy saving are important issues for any industrial facility.
Nowadays the energy saving is one of the priority trends for development of the world economy.
The Federal Law No. 261-ФЗ “On energy saving and increase of energy efficiency” was adopted in 2009 in Russia.
The energy saving during the use of buildings and structures in many ways depends on energy efficiency of utilized mobile envelopes and dock equipment. DoorHan has been working for a long time on improvement of energy efficiency for:

  • door leaf design, closing the heat circuit of a building;
  • points of  transfer works (building – vehicles);
  • electric operators and electronic safety systems in use for dock equipment automation.

Some types of DoorHan dock equipment surpass the existing analogs, offered at the market, by energy efficient indices and sealing properties.

The most rigid requirements to their operational safety were considered during the development of DoorHan dock equipment system designs; this provides protection of personnel from industrial injuries and cargo from damages when executing the transfer works. The safety of DoorHan warehouse equipment utilization is achieved due to the use of several levels of protection of:

  • structural elements and materials, reducing injury risks;
  • mechanical safety devices;
  • electronic safety systems.

All DoorHan dock equipment system components are made of ecologically pure materials, harmless to health and environment.

The high reliability of dock equipment systems made by DoorHan is achieved owing to:

  • state-of-the-art technologies and engineering solutions;
  • big safety margin of the designs;
  • applicable modern high-quality materials and coatings, resistant to negative environmental factors;
  • high quality of production on modern industrial equipment;
  • professionalism of installation companies.

All DoorHan dock equipment systems are meant for high intensity of use, increased loads, and long life.
DoorHan warehouse equipment is designed taking into account the anticipated climatic operating conditions, thereby it works reliably and trouble-free in any weather.

The design elements of dock equipment are made according to the intracorporate standards in the unified color and style solution, which provides their harmonious combination during joint installation at one facility.
The top quality materials and modern coating application technology are used for painting of aluminium profiles and steel elements for dock equipment (the color is chosen as per RAL card). The painting of materials is performed according to Henkel requirements, which is proved by the corresponding Henkel laboratory report in Germany.
The variety of technical and design solutions makes it possible to select an appropriate variant for buildings with any architectural features.

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