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Dock levellers

DoorHan  dock levellers are intended for conjunction of the warehouse floor and the truck body, and also for providing of quick and free autoloader movement during loading and unloading. They may be used with the vehicles equipped with built-in lifts.
A wide range of leveling platform types and dimensions makes it possible to choose the optimal version for specific project. DoorHan docklevellers completely meet the requirements of accepted standards and of Directive DIN EN1398; besides, they are certified and have certificates of conformity.

Fundamental advantages:  

  • all of the docklevellers are produced in accordance with European safety requirements to minimize any possible risks connected with dock equipment use;
  • thanks to the yellow-black signal strip one can see, that the platform is located above the fixed ramp level;
  • hydraulic unit security system will stop the platform instantly in case of hose rupture or unauthorized vehicle movement during the work;
  • all hydraulic components are intended for pressure value, which exceeds at least twice the value of working pressure in the system;
  • special distance between the access ramp and frontal beam (25 mm) serves for protection of fingers against the cramping;
  • wide range of accessories.

DoorHan company produces three types of leveling platforms:
  • electrohydraulic dockleveller with rotary access ramp;
  • electrohydraulic dockleveller with sliding access ramp;
  • mechanical leveling platforms.

Electrohydraulic dock levellers with sliding telescopic lip

Electrohydraulic dock levellers with hinged lip

Manualy operated dock levellers


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