GC DoorHan

Sectional Doors

DoorHan industrial sectional doors are installed into openings of the industrial facilities – production, warehouse, commercial, office and other premises with heavy traffic intensity. They consist of three main elements: leaf, tracks system and torsion mechanism. The door leaf can be made of sandwich panels (ISD01), panoramic panels (ISD02), and it can be a combined one. The doors can be manufactured with 11 lift types, which are selected according to the ceiling and lintel design, and also to other architectural room peculiarities.
DoorHan industrial sectional doors possess increased wear resistance and endure heavy loads, as they are meant for high operation intensity and long failure-free performance (up to 100 thousand opening/closing cycles).
According to the lift type and to the opening dimensions special structural elements are mounted on the door leaf:

  • reinforced side cups,
  • aluminium profiles with special reinforcing profile,
  • double side supports,
  • powerful industrial rollers,
  • special brackets,
  • industrial hinges,
  • omega profile.

The unique system “Quick Fix”, used for assembling of the torsion mechanism, allows you to reduce time, spent for mounting of the industrial doors by 4.
DoorHan sectional doors conform to all requirements of the Russian GOST (All Union State Standard) 31174-2003 and the European standard EN 13241-1.

DoorHan sectional doors are the only doors, offered at the market, which are designed and manufactured taking into account the Russian climatic service conditions; they are certified and have certificates of conformity.
DoorHan makes the industrial sectional doors of two series:
  • ISD01 of sandwich panels;
  • ISD02 of panoramic sections (aluminium panels with polymer glazing).



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