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Hangar Doors

DoorHan hangar doors are designed for closing off openings in maintenance buildings for various classes of aircraft — from wide-body airliners to business jets. Gates of this type can be installed in buildings designed for other purposes — anywhere a large opening width and doorway height are required. The gates can be made in virtually any size.

The main advantages of DoorHan hangar doors:
  • The design takes into account the anticipated load — wind, crane, and snow
  • Manufactured in accordance with fire safety requirements
  • Modern design and aesthetic appearance
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • The ability to produce panels with heat transfer resistivity higher than the resistance of the building envelope
  • The electric actuator system ensures the reliable moving and stopping of each movable panel in position, according to the design
  • A special safety feature prevents movement of the panels while the door is open
  • Under emergency conditions, the gates open by unlocking the actuator brakes
  • To ensure air­tightness, seals are installed around the perimeter of the panels, on mounts which can be easily replaced when worn out
  • Short delivery times.

The design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of aircraft hangar gates is carried out jointly with the Design Institute JSC GIPRONIIAVIAPROM, which has been operating since 1932. The goal of the partnership between a gate designer and manufacturer is the ultimate satisfaction of the customer’s requirements and wishes.

To determine the cost and to ensure the optimal design of the gate, please submit the following:
  • The engineering specifications for the design of the hangar doors
  • General information on the hangar
  • Drawings of the gate system installation area.

Upon review of these documents, we will be ready to provide you with the optimum design option for the gate as a whole and for its basic elements, and to submit a quotation for the full range of services offered.

The choice of the gate design is made while planning the building’s architecture. In designing the gate, our engineers solve a range of problems set out by the customer in the design specifications.

Various gate design options are available:
  • bottom rolling along the front of the building
  • bottom rolling along one wall of the building
  • folding, etc.

The following materials can be used to fill the panels in various combinations:

  • sandwich panels
  • cellular polycarbonate with locking joints
  • formed sheet, galvanized or powder coated
  • compartmental multiple glazed units
  • frost­ and wear-­resistant film sealing the gates around the entire perimeter.

Depending on the design solutions, hangar gate panels can be made opaque, transparent or combined.
A DoorHan service access door can be incorporated to provide an additional passage way. Sectional industrial DoorHan gates may be installed in one of the panels to provide access to service vehicles without having to open the entire gate system. The gate can be controlled using a stationary (panel­mounted) or portable console, which can be locked with a key.

The fast and efficient chain of design, manufacture and installation saves time and resources for our clients.

All of the basic structural elements of the hangar doors are manufactured at DoorHan Group’s factories:
  • sandwich panels for exterior and interior cladding, carrying wheels and upper hangar door rollers — at the DoorHan Gate Systems plant
  • aluminium facade structural system — at the DoorHan Aluminium Systems plant
  • safety systems and gate system control units — at the DoorHan Automation Systems plant
  • sealing elements — at the DoorHan Dock Systems plant.

DoorHan Group has offices in 21 regions of Russia, the CIS and abroad, which enables us to provide efficient service and maintenance of hangar doors as needed.

Site descriptionYear сommissioned
Two sets of bottom rolling gates 10 × 10 m in the boat storage dry­dock at the Klyazma Resort, Povedniki, Moscow Region2005
Bottom rolling gates 96 × 14 m for an aircraft storage hangar, the Almaty International Airport, Almaty2006
Two sets of special horizontal louvered doors 6 × 6 m for the dynamic aircraft engine testing bench, V.V. Chernyshev MMP JSC, Moscow2006
Bottom rolling gates 18 × 5 m and 50 x 5 m in the production and technical building for the assembly of light aircraft, Nizhny Novgorod 2007
Bottom rolling gate 168 × 14 m for the Air Group Business Aviation hangar, Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow Region2008
Bottom rolling gate 18 × 5 m for the Plant 411 GA light aircraft assembly plant, Mineralnye Vody 2008
Bottom rolling gate 94 × 11 m for the aircraft storage hangar; client — Taif­ST Companies Group, Kazan International Airport, Kazan 2009
Bottom rolling gate 19 × 7 m, Sukhoy Lightweight Fighters and Long­Range Bombers Design Bureau, D.O. Gromov Flight­Testing Institute, Zhukovsky2010
Bottom rolling gate 70 × 9 m for the hangar at the Kazan International Airport; client — JSC Profit Group, Kazan 2010
Two sets of bottom rolling gates 18 × 5 m and 19 × 5 m for industrial buildings at the Novovoronezhskaya Atomic Power Station­-2, Novovoronezh 2010
Bottom rolling gate 8 × 6 m for the “clean” room in the NGO Technology production building, Obninsk 2010
Bottom rolling gate 16 × 8 m at the lightweight fighters and long­range bombers finishing hangar, Kamov JSC, Lyubertsy 2010
Overhaul of the 96 × 13.5 m gate in the lightweight fighters and long­range bombers hangar, Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG JSC, D.O. Gromov Flight Testing Institute, Zhukovsky 2010
A series of eight sets of special bottom rolling gates for the needs of the Russian Space Forces 2009-2011
A series of four special protective gates (sliding and swinging, with a 10 mm biosecurity layer) and three security doors (sliding and swinging, with a 10 mm biosecurity layer) for use in X­ray chambers of RKZ FSUE M.V. Khrunichev National Space Science and Technology Centre, Moscow 2010-2012
Bottom rolling gate 47 × 14.5 m for the AN­-12 aircraft storage and maintenance hangar, Vladivostok International Airport, Vladivostok 2012
Three sets of bottom rolling gates 47.2 × 5.5 m for the helicopters storage and maintenance hangar, HELI CLUB Flight Club, Padikovo, Moscow Region 2012
Bottom rolling gate 69 × 12 m for the lightweight fighters and long­range bombers hangar, JSC Tupolev, Zhukovsky 2012
Two sets of bottom rolling gates 47 × 5.5 m for the plane and helicopters storage hangar, Azimuth Airlines, the Ministry of Emergency Situations airfield, Krasnodar Territory 2012
Bottom rolling gate 141 × 14 m for the Aircraft Technical Centre, Dnepropetrovsk International Airport, Dnepropetrovsk 2012
Bottom rolling gate 30 × 4.5 m for the helicopters storage and maintenance hangar, Aviamarket Helicopter Club, Istra District, Moscow Region 2012
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