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The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage
Arie de Geus,
President Royal Dutch Shell, plc

The DoorHan Training and Technical Centre is intended to provide the company with relevant information, research, methodological and consultative support. Its activity is aimed at:

  • training of skilled door, roller shutter, door and roller door automatic device and warehouse equipment fitters;
  • training of competent sales managers for all the products offered by DoorHan company, i.e. doors, roller doors;
  • door and barrier automatic devices and warehouse equipment;
  • fitters and managers training;
  • new products testing;
  • development of recommendations for assembly and operation of doors, roller doors, door and roller door automatic devices and warehouse equipment, and other products by DoorHan;
  • information and technical support to DoorHan dealers, provision of technical documents, consulting services, etc.;
  • consulting services and support in DoorHan software application.

The DoorHan Training and Technical Centre was founded in 2001, and now it has branches in company’s regional offices in 15 Russian cities, 3 cities in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The DoorHan Training Centre activity is based on the concept of efficient management of knowledge which is the most important tool to gain competitive advantages in the present-day business conditions. Annually, about 1000 managers and fitters from various regions of Russia and CIS countries undergo professional training at the DoorHan Training Centre and get their certificates.

DoorHan Training Centre Structure Skills Improvement Centre
The Skills Improvement Centre provides professional training of experts in sales and assembly of products offered by DoorHan Company. The training is effected through specially developed programs at educational courses, seminars and conferences as well as at training courses, work-shops which ensure obtaining the relevant skills of selling, assembling and servicing DoorHan products.

Testing Laboratory
The testing Laboratory carries out actual environment sustainability and applicability tests of the structures developed by the company, and expose the performance specifications of DoorHan products as well as those of similar products available in the market. Besides, the Laboratory carries out tests and checks of all the complete products issuing recommendations for their application and perfection.

Technical Support Centre
The Technical Support Centre is a convenient and efficient tool for the company partners to ensure high quality service to the ultimate consumer. The Centre provides consulting on technical specifications, assembly and operation of DoorHan products. The company experts are highly experienced in practical assembly and adjustment of the equipment offered by DoorHan.

Skills Improvement Centre

Testing Laboratory

Technical Support Centre

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