GC DoorHan

Skills Improvement Centre

The Centre holds training seminars for managers and fitters as well as trainings for top managers. The Centre instructors are highly skilled experts possessing rich experience in the selection and assembly of doors, roller doors, automatic equipment for them and warehouse equipment. The class-rooms are equipped with computers by means of which educational video films and instructional videos are demonstrated. Besides, the rooms are provided with stand displaying detail sets and functional samples of the products.

Upon completion of the training course the learners have to take a promotion examination. Those who pass the test successfully receive a certificate confirming that its holder has undergone a DoorHan training course and is a certified expert in door system assembly/sale. It should be underlined that a warranty for the DoorHan products shall be valid only in case if the assembly has been done by certified experts.

The certificate is accompanied with CDs containing complete information on the course (products assembly arrangement catalogue, printed instructions, video-instructions, photos, advertisement booklets, etc.).

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