GC DoorHan

Testing Laboratory

The Test Laboratory activity is aimed at improving the products quality and at adoption and testing of new developments and designs. The area of the DoorHan Testing Laboratory is over 350 square meters. It accommodates modern equipment and testbeds for testing and researching into technical specifications of the products being produced. In the course of tests and checks, an automatic measurements monitoring is carried out to ensure their higher accuracy. The Laboratory is manned with a highly skilled staff very experienced in the field of movable fencing constructions.

The Laboratory carries out various tests and checks for sustainability, cyclicity, peak loads and compatibility of products in compliance with the adopted methods conforming to the relevant European standards.

The test base of the laboratory makes it possible to test:

  • all types and sizes of door systems;
  • roller shutters and roller doors of various designs;
  • all types of automatic devices;
  • reloading equipment for warehouse facilities.

All the experimental samples and test results are kept for application in further tests.
The test Laboratory cooperates with the leading research institutions in order to commonly endow into the development of the industry upon the whole.
The DoorHan partner institutions offer their bases to carry out product tests for climatic influence, fire resistance and other parameters.

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