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Trainings for sales department staff

Dear managers!
The DoorHan company invites development and office managers to the “B2B active sales” business-training. The classical sales techniques are concentrated in the sales process itself. The attention in the “B2B active sales” training is focused on how to facilitate the decision-making process for a customer and on efficient communication techniques.

Training goal
Significant increase in sales process efficiency.

Target audience
Heads of sales departments, account managers, sales and service department staff as well as all those who deal with sales and customer servicing.

Training tasks:

  • to get acquainted with the approach to sales as customer consulting;
  • to master sales process managing skills;
  • to acquire practical skills in consulting presentation;
  • to practice complicated situations of communicating with customers having objections, complaints, claims, etc.

Training program

Unit 1. Manager’s personal efficiency

  • Basin purpose of sales.
  • Qualities of successful sellers.
  • Sales process arrangement.

Unit 2.Efficient communications in sales

  • To sell or to help buy? Process of selling and process of buying.
  • Ways to quickly establish trust relationship with a potential customer.
  • Professional “listening” skill.
  • Ways to ask questions, types of questions. Sales process management through questions.

Unit 3.Goods and services presentation

  • Presentation arrangement.
  • Presentation components.
  • Unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Factors for writing up or writing down.

Unit 4.Complicated situations in sales

  • Dealing with objections.
  • Completion of sale.
  • Review of complicated and typical situations in the sales cycle, and training the versions of response to them.

Training form: lectures, practical demonstrations. Exercises in pairs b groups, discussions, role plays.
Training duration: 16 hours (2 days).
Number of trainees – not more than 24 persons.
Author and host: Vladimir Volkov - certified business trainer, coach having 10-years of experience in arranging and delivering business-studies in Russian and foreign companies.

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