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Trainings for top managers

Dear top managers!
The DoorHan Group of Companies invites you to the “B2B Active Sales Management”.  

Training aims
Increasing the personal efficiency of managers in sales process managing as well as obtaining the skills of motivating the company’s sales and service department staff.

Target audience
Heads of sales and service departments as well as sales agents.

Training goals:

  • to acquire the subordinate management skills: goal setting, feedback arrangement, delegation, task performance monitoring;
  • to acquire practical skills of efficient business communication;
  • to reveal one’s own motivation and to acquire skills in encouraging and motivating the staff;
  • to get acquainted with the management system for customer relations;
  • to practice situations of communicating with customers having objections, complaints, claims, etc.

Training program

Unit 1. Top manager’s personal efficiency

  • Forming personal and professional goals.
  • Time management.
  • Delegation rules.
  • Manager’s efficiency criteria. Management styles.
  • Personal and company results indicator board.

Unit 2. Efficient business communication

  • Communication aspects – form and content.
  • How to establish a good contact with an interlocutor?
  • Management of interlocutor’s attention in personal communication. Methods and techniques of negotiation process management.
  • Values: what is important for your staff and customers?
  • Professional “listening” skill.
  • How to ask questions? Types of questions. Communication process management by means of questions.

Unit 3.Subordinate management skill

  • Goal-setting for subordinates and for subdivisions.
  • Meta-programs – profound habits in behavior.
  • Subordinate encouragement and motivation. Motivation factors.
  • Task translation and elucidation. Authority delegation.
  • Monitoring accomplishment and activity result analysis.
  • Praise, criticism and feedback. Task formulation in communication with subordinates.
  • The right ways to criticize a subordinate. An administrative conversation.
  • Emotion state management in conflict situations.
  • Behaviour styles in conflict situations.

Unit 4. CRM-system –customer relations management

  • What is CRM system needed for and how to use it?
  • Personal efficiency analysis.
  • Business-process analysis (cause of appeal, defective goods, claims, demand alteration).
  • Internal control procedures.
  • Prompt assessment of results.

Unit 5. Complicated situations in sale. Objections, complaints, claims

  • Practical methods on subject “How to remove objection and to impress a customer positively?”
  • The correct ways to respond to objections.
  • The meaning of objections. What lies behind an objection?
  • Objection sources and objection groups. Replies to objections.
  • 8 steps of “Complaint as a gift” formula.
  • Corporative book of sales scenarios.
  • Way of responding to failures and to translate them into further capabilities efficiently.
  • Stress removal techniques.

Form of the training: discussions, vocational psychological exercises, role plays, practical demonstrations, mini-lectures.
Training duration: 1 day (8 hours).
Number of trainees – not more than 24 persons.
The trainees shall get: a booklet containing methodological materials, tests and exercises for self-development, a list of recommended literature.
Training author and host: Vladimir Volkov – certified business trainer, coach having 10-years of experience in arranging and delivering business-studies in Russian and foreign companies.

Attention! The training participation result shall be more effective after participating in the “Active sales” training.

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